Dannii Minogue

Song Title: You Won't Forget About Me
Artist: Dannii Minogue
Player: Craig

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Dannii Minogue is in her element, after a decade in the music industry she has finally found her niche as the glamorous face of dance music. Six months ago, she was welcomed with open arms by the notoriously cool independent dance label All Around The World. Until now, credible dance and sexy, internationally famous pop starlets may have seemed a contradiction in terms - and especially in Dannii's case where people who have concentrated more on her show-stopping looks, may have overlooked the hard graft that's gone into her music. "There's a lot people don't know about me" she admits. So how did she find herself as part of this eclectic coupling? Even being christened the pioneer of modern electro-pop. "Last year, after the release of Neon Nights, I was asked to go to the US to promote it," she recalls. "Everyone from NY and LA, to Miami and Dallas were going crazy for Who Do You Love Now. It was knocking Justin Timberlake and Beyonce off the top of the dance charts for seventeen weeks consecutively. I couldn't believe it. I guess dance music was looking for someone people could know, or they already knew to add a different edge to it. I finally realised what 'my thing' is."

A few months later, Universal: All Around the World Records asked if Dannii would write the lyrics to a dance track called Flower Power, which at that point was fast becoming Ibiza's biggest dance instrumental. Dannii soon penned You Won't Forget About Me Feat. Flower Power. "I'd heard it without vocals and I thought, 'Fantastic'. I had already written loads of vocals for myself and knew I had something that would be perfect for it." An album deal followed: "We had the same ideas of which direction my music should go in and I'm loving working for an independent label; they have all the best connections with producers and directors. Together, we're bringing a different dimension to the pop and dance worlds. It makes sense." The album promises to combine her oozing fun, intelligence and sex appeal with their bona fide musical credibility. "I've been writing my own songs for a couple of years now" she reveals. "I'd never done it before but I needed a new challenge. I'm not against other people giving me songs as long as they're different, but I like a bit of a thrill and love pushing my boundaries. I thought I'd give it a go and that I would either crash badly, or it would be well received and I'd feel a real sense of achievement." Luckily for Dannii, it's been the latter.